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Primegreen is a wholesaler of premium quality, specialty natural ingredients for cosmetic formulations.


100% Pure & Natural


Origin guaranteed


Safeguarding of the ecosystem


Social Responsibility

All our oils are 100% Virgin, cold pressed and origin guaranteed.


We are certified


Our suppliers are certified

A social enterprise and international trader

Primegreen is a wholesaler of premium quality, specialty natural ingredients for cosmetic formulations.

Our focus is on new to the market, sustainable and innovative products to amaze your customers. We source directly from responsible and professional suppliers in the coastal and Amazonian regions of Peru and Ecuador.

Part of our revenues are reinvested in social and sustainable projects to improve living conditions and growth opportunities at the local communities from which we source.

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How we add value throughout the supply chain

Direct Sourcing
Of natural products in Latin America

• 100% Traceability
• Direct influence on quality,
environmental. and social impact
• Agile to adapt to changing
• Speaking the local language
Managing transport & distribution
To any destination in Europe

• Working exclusively with certified organic operators
• Certified organic warehouse in the Netherlands for delivery within 5 working days
Selling in bulk
To clients throughout Europe

• On top of the newest trends to create value for your customers
• Understanding European
requirements and business culture
• Partner in story telling about a truly sustainable supply chain
Direct Sourcing
Managing transport & distribution
Selling in bulk

Radical transparency for fair pricing

We guarantee a minimum of 10% margin to all our suppliers and share additional benefits if margins allow. This requires radical transparency from both parties. We require our suppliers to apply an open book policy on their cost price calculations. We, on the other hand, are open about the sales revenues we gained by the sales of their products and our costs of the goods sold. Remaining profits are partly
reinvested in social and sustainable projects and equally shared between Primegreen and our supply partners.

Social conditions workers

We require our suppliers to pay their workers an industry average salary +10%, enabling the most vulnerable in the supply chain to directly benefit from partnering up with Primegreen.

All our products are organic

We select our suppliers based on
– the quality of their products
– sharing the same values
– Sustainability profile of the products
– Organic production

Although not all our products are certified organic, we can guarantee that they are free of pesticides. We are actively assisting our non certified suppliers to become certified organic in the near future.

No deforestation

We guarantee that no deforestation has taken place in order to produce our natural ingredients. Moringa oil and Jojoba oil grow in desertic areas at the dry coast of Peru and Ecuador. Sacha Inchi and Buriti oil is produced in the Amazon rainforest, where we collaborate with government initiated NGOs, training locals in sustainable harvesting methods and safeguarding the ecosystem to protect local flora and fauna.

Premium quality

Our products are of premium quality and pure. We can guarantee this as we have close relations with our direct suppliers, which we visit personally on a regular basis. We evaluate their production process and frequently send samples to internationally recognised laboratories.

Reinvesting in social and sustainable projects

Primegreen is a social enterprise, meaning we reinvest part of our profits into the communities from which we source. Ideally, we start projects together with partners further downstream in the supply chain. Curious about our ideas to realize this? Please reach out!


We guarantee 100% traceability of all our products and a sampling plan to ensure that product specifications always meet or exceed the norms set by our customers.


We require our suppliers to be certified organic and to comply with our clients & quality standards. Those suppliers who are not fully certified yet are in the process of obtaining all relevant certificates. Primegreen is EU Bio certified by SKAL. Certifications of our suppliers include: Sustainable farming, Cosmos Organic, USDA, EU BIO, Friend of the Earth and Non animal tested and Te Protejo.